Be a meraviglia!
A project to support small and medium-sized Italian tourism operators: a co-planning project involving destinations, territories, people. Italian tourism needs you.
Why “Be a Meraviglia”?
The mission is to leverage the domain (yes, the one linked to the Venere Influencer’s campaign by the Ministry Of Tourism) in a tool to spread Italian culture and heritage and support small and medium-sized tourism operators.

A constructive response to the lack of dialogue between institutions and strategic marketing professionals, "Be a Meraviglia!" is an online program, whose objective is to provide answers to the new challenges of the sector and support projects oriented towards responsible, sustainable, innovative tourism.
If you missed the “Open To Meraviglia” case, read the press review!
A selection of articles about and the Be A Meraviglia! challenge
When will the challenge take place?
The challenge will take place online, remotely: here is the next events’ roadmap
december 11th, 2023
Onboarding! on december 11th
Presentation of the working groups
january 20th, 2024
First working session: january 20h from 9.30 to 12.30.
febraury 3rd, 2024
Second working session: febraury 3rd from 9.30 to 12.30.
febraury 18th, 2024
Febraury 3rd by 2.00 pm submission of papers
The 3-step innovation process
From problem statements and challenges, through virtual working groups to find new solutions… this is how the virtual challenge works in short.

Critical issues of the Italian tourism sector
Tourism operators, public or private, consortia, associations, destinations have the opportunity to submit critical issues and challenges of their activities: once selected, a virtual working group will be assigned to the challenge.
Work activities
and co-planning
Tour operators on one side and professionals on the other will be organized by our staff into working groups and during two virtual sessions they will work on projects presented using design thinking and facilitation tools and methodologies.
Finding and sharing Innovative Solutions
The approach will ensure a strong component of innovation, both in terms of business, marketing and communication models and product/service offered. Solutions will then be shared in to inspire others
Challenge registrations
Fill out the form without obligation, we will contact you as soon as registrations are open
Challenge participation fees
The proceeds from registrations and sponsorships will be donated to the Tuscany Region to support the damage caused by last fall's flood.
Reserved for high school students and university students
Public Operators
Reserved for structures, operators, consortia, non-profits, social promotion associations, destinations
Private Operators
Reserved for facilities, operators, owners and private companies
€ 265,00
Reserved for business designers, marketers, agencies and consultants
€ 120,00
Custom Projects
If you are not part of these categories or represent a group of companies/operators, contact us
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“Be a Meraviglia!” Challenge: pre-register without obligation, we will contact you as soon as registration is officially open so we can finalize your participation in the initiative.
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The organizers
  • Marketing Toys deals with consultancy with a focus on brand design, optimization of the value proposition and the business model.
  • Beople is the first company in Italy specialized in Business Design. But above all it is a team of People who believe in the power of design to create positive impacts in the world.
Behind the “Be a Meraviglia!” project: Marketing Toys Studio
The Marketing Toys team has been operating in full remote mode for more than 15 years, with an operational base in Marchisoro HUB, in a former cellar inside a farmhouse surrounded by greenery in Mugello, 30 minutes from Florence.

We deal with consultancy and analysis with a focus on brand design, target and market analysis, optimization of the value proposition and business model, in an ethical and sustainable way.

We use Design Thinking and facilitation to accompany our clients in defining their why. Through sprints and Business Design meetings we focus on people and purposes, and then on solutions.

We support businesses and startups with method and care, and we dedicate ourselves to co-designing with them in a participatory and shared way the best strategy for their business projects, even before the marketing plan.

We ask "good questions" to our customers to encourage them to ask themselves "why", to achieve what for us is innovation, questioning common assumptions, investigating things that are normally taken for granted, starting to think about new possibilities. Trying together to design a different future.
Do you want to meet us?
We like projects, people's stories, designing effective strategies and improving business models. And we also love growing flowers and a vegetable garden in Marchisoro. Come and visit us.
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